TJ Seeds Challenging The Limits.

Choudhary Muhammad Shafi (Late)

Choudhary Hussain Jee (Late)


Providing High Quality Vegetable & Cereal Seeds to Domestic Growers & Internationally .

At Tradic Junction {Madina Seed Company}we take special steps in our breeding and production programs to provide growers with high quality open pollinated seeds.

Our family owned business is a result of the matchless efforts made by Mr. Piraan Ditta (Ustaad Jee}, Mr. Muhammad Shaffi & Mr. Hussain Jee. Business was simply known as PERAAN DITTA SEED MERCHENTS holding business at Northeren Street in Ghalla Mundi "Wazirabad" main Sub Division of Gujranwala Division. PERAAN DITTA SEED MERCHENTS was the well knowned domestic, privately owned seed entity in Pakistan established soon after partition in 1947. At that time, it served as an accumulator of locally grown vegetable seeds. It was renamed as Madina Seed Co in 1969. Today, this entity has evolved into a company that is unique in the seed industry.

Company founder Mr. Muhammad Shaffi had once said, “Our goal is to produce the best seeds that can possible bcz we do believe that best seed is one of the niceties of progressed farming.”

His philosophy becomes true today. Seed may be one of the lowest cost inputs for your crops, but we realize its role not only in getting your crop started, but also in the quality and quantity of produce you get. Our goal is to continue providing proven efforts to enable growers to get the best produce possible.




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